Performer website pricing
Performer website pricing
Performer website pricing

Pick a package

Select the package that suits you, drop us a message and we'll answer any questions you have about what's included and if it's the best option for you.


You'll send us your images and video so we can start to build your website! We will use our experience to advise on what we think works best.


We will work with you and give you regular updates on the progress of your build. Don't like the design? That's cool - we want to create something you are truly proud of.

go live

Once you've approved the final version of your site, we will SEO optimise and ensure the site is listed on Google. You're now ready to drive traffic to your new website. Go you!


The Pro package is perfect for Anna. The monthly updates will come in handy for someone who is getting regular work and wants to keep their site up to date. Performer Net will also take care of sourcing and purchasing a domain name for Anna so she can keep focused on her craft.


Anna recently graduated drama school and is looking for a top agent. She has put together a showreel and is getting small jobs here and there. She wants a website to show off his work and get ahead in the industry.

The Pro Package is perfect for Anna. The regular updates feature will come in super handy for someone regularly getting roles and want to keep their site up to date. Performer Net will take care of sourcing a perfect domain name, hosting and SEO optimising her site to make sure she ranks well on Google.


Cat has been a professional actor and voice artist for over 10 years and since lockdown has utilised her home studio to get regular work. Cat wants to spend her time on creating voice reels and samples whilst keeping her site fresh.

The Premium package works best for Cat. The SEO and keyword updates mean she always ranks high on Google when users are looking for voice artists. She can use her 2 updates per month to show off her most recent work and get more commissions through her website.


Alice is new to the industry and like many new actors, is strapped for cash. She does however have an in depth knowledge on website management and SEO best practices.

The Basic package would be the best option for Alice, as this is the most budget friendly package. As a bit of an internet whizz she will be able to do a lot of the important SEO work on her own.


Michael is looking to take his mostly stage experience to the screen and aspires to take part in pilot season. He wants a website to increase his online presence and control what work of his appears most prominently on Google.

Michael would be best served by the Pro package. The US industry preaches the importance of websites and casting directors place as much importance on an actor's website as they do their resume. Michael will want to keep his site up to date with his latest work and credits to show off and bag himself an NBC smash hit.